January 18, 2007

The Longing

I´m waiting for you. Do you know how long has this longing been, this emptyness of everything, in an urge of having everything?
What I really want is to look into the depth of you and feel your warmth, to know your cumplicity and you to know mine, to get lost in your complexity and you to get lost in mine, to experience your intensity and you to experience mine.
"Imagination feels the void of my existence": I cuddle in your aura, hold your hand, and then the other, kiss the warm palm and I finally breed. I feed myself whatever comes from you, I breed your skin and touch your lips, drawing in them the map that takes me to the future. I kiss them with sweetness and my beeing almost stops, at the pace of everything surrounding and observing us. I breed in you, oxigen since ever. I fall asleep and wake up with you inside of me.
(25 September 2006)