July 10, 2008

A Word From You

"What to say to her other then Love me, love me. Don´t go. Stay with me."

"I would have burnt all this down at a word from you."

"What more could she have said? And for so long I have hated my nature for failling to say what I felt. And most of all for not acting on it. You live with such choices until you die. They eat at you like heartworm, coring you out until you are just skin enclosing nothing. A balloon filled with hot breath."


Caramela said...

Hmm... Bonito e verdadeiro. Um pouco triste também, parece-me. Realmente vive-se com as escolhas que fazemos, boas ou más, não vale a pena arrependermo-nos mais tarde, apenas aprender a lição e ver se não a tornamos a repetir. ;)
Gostei1 De onde foste buscar isto?

Mia said...

Faz parte da prateleira "Leituras" e para mais informações contactar meu mail ;)