October 13, 2010

Ouh uau!

Grey's Anatomy "Superfreak": «Back at Kappa Kapa Calzona, Owen walks through the front door and Cristina is sitting on the couch in her pajamas. Aww, she looks really cute! They cuddle up on the couch together and Arizona and Callie bust in the front door, passionately making out and ripping off their clothes. I know I’m supposed to be counting how long they are on screen together but they are getting naked, so I lost my focus. Let’s just say 10 seconds, shall we? Calzona throw their clothes at Owen and Cristina and exit into their bedroom.»

Cristina turns to Owen and says, “We have to get our own place.”»
How hot is this?!
Fonte: AfterEllen, of course. What else?


Nikkita said...

Waaaay hot! lol
Acabei de ver o video no youtube e adorei!


Mia said...


Tenho que ver isso ;)